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Maison de la Chimie Congress Centre

853 max pers.
20 salles
Dancing parties

Centre des Congrès de la Maison de la Chimie: France’s major conference centre

Located in the 7th arrondissement, a stone’s throw from the Invalides and the 7th arrondissement town hall, the Maison de la Chimie Convention Centre is a major conference centre in France.

Centre des Congrès de la Maison de la Chimie

In a setting imbued with the charm of the 18th century and the sobriety of the 1930s, the Maison de la Chimie Conference Centre offers 18 meeting/conference rooms, two amphitheatres and a large private garden, the Maison de la Chimie Conference Centre allows you to hold any type of event.

The Lavoisier amphitheatre can offer up to 854 seats and the Petit Amphithéâtre up to 220 seats for your meetings, conferences, study days, seminars, etc. For your cocktail parties or receptions, the various rooms can accommodate from 50 to 800 people. You can also organise your business meals or breakfasts in the Maison de la Chimie Congress Centre for 20 to 500 people.


Room (m²)ConferenceSeated dinnerCocktailDaylight
Room 202 (18 m²)20Yes
Room 203 (30 m²) 403050Yes
Room 32 (32 m²) 302045Yes
Room 34 (32 m²) 302045Yes
Room 7 (42 m²) 505060Yes
Room 103 (42 m²) 504060Yes
Room 33 (48 m²) 605060Yes
Room 232 (50 m²)554080Yes
Room 234 (50 m²)554080Yes
Room 69 (52 m²) 706080Yes
Room 233 (70 m²) 7560100Yes
Gallery (81 m²) 70150Yes
Room 269 (90 m²) 10090160Yes
Room 201 (100 m²) 130100180Yes
Room 101 (155 m²) 180180300Yes
Room 162 (160 m²) 180Yes
Room 262 (180 m²) 220Yes
Little Amphitheatre 218Yes
Room 151 (250 m²) 280250400Yes
Room 251 (250 m²) 280250400Yes
Room 8 (520 m²) 450500800Yes
Amphi Lavoisier 853Yes
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Maison de la Chimie, Rue Saint-Dominique, Paris

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