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La Bonne Franquette

190 max pers.
4 salles

La Bonne Franquette, warm and typical

A 16th century house in the heart of old Montmartre, La Bonne Franquette keeps alive the Montmartre tradition of gaiety, conviviality, welcoming artists, winemakers and lovers of good wine alike. Perched at the top of the Butte, slightly away from the Place du Tertre, the restaurant disorientates tourists and Parisians alike with its warm atmosphere and village atmosphere typical of old Montmartre.

La Bonne Franquette

In the kitchen, Richard Dhammika, chef for 20 years at La Bonne Franquette, offers simple and traditional dishes of labelled French local produce.

In a typical Montmartre setting and a lively and warm atmosphere, La Bonne Franquette can reserve a table, a room, or even the entire restaurant for a group of up to 180 people, offer banquet menus, provide musical entertainment, a Montmartre show and other services on request…

Room      Conference     Seated dinner      Cocktail     Daylight
Whole restaurant       –     180      190       yes
Aristide Bruant Hall       –      70      90       yes
Salle La Cave     –     10      20       no
Salle La Guunguette      –       50       70        yes
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18 rue Saint Rustique Montmartre – 75018 Paris

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