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Villa Mikuna

360 max pers.

The Villa Mikuna, a return to the past

Located in theheart of Paris, in the 9ᵉ arrondissement of the capital,the Villa Mikunais a former cabaret that is reopening its doors to the general public. Marvel at the Hokusai stained glass windows recognised as part of France’s cultural heritage and the rotunda of its former theatre.

This convivial and atypical venue, perpetuates the atmosphere of the Paris of the Crazy Years in a modern and comfortable setting. The Villa Mikuna is the perfect place to celebrate events with your staff.

Room      Conference     Seated dinner      Cocktail     Daylight
Hokusai Room (150 m2)       –       170       360      yes
Cabaret Room (150 m2)      –      170       360      yes
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Villa Mikuna, Rue Frochot, Paris

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