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Intercontinental Marseille – Hôtel Dieu *****

440 max pers.
179 Rooms whose 99 twin
25 salles

Intercontinental Marseille – Hôtel Dieu*****, luxury hotel in the Phocaean city

Located in the former Hôtel-Dieu, a majestic building from the 18th century inaugurated by Napoleon III, it unfolds its monumental staircases, vaulted passageways and wide terraces overlooking the Old Port.

Intercontinentale Marseille-Hôtel Dieu

This is a sumptuous location for a listed building that offers an exceptional view of the famous basilica of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde and the entire Phocaean city.

Just a few steps away from the joliette and the docks, you can visit the beautiful city of Marseille.

Actor and witness of the city’s epic for centuries, point of entry to Provence and the Mediterranean Sea, it is the ideal place to fully live the Marseille experience.

The Intercontinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu has 179 rooms and 15 suites, 72 of these rooms have a view of the Old Port and 33 with private terraces.

Their decoration is a subtle mix between the old and the contemporary.

RoomConference     Seated dinnerCocktail     Daylight
Accoules (207 m²)170     160220 No
Cordelles (207 m²)180160220 Yes
Accoules + Cordelles (414 m²)440     320 400 Yes
Belles Ecuelles (38m²)      30     3040 Yes
Fontaine des Vents (38 m²)      30     3040 Yes
Abadié (38 m²)    3040 Yes
Fontaine des Vents + Abadié (75 m²)70     60    Yes
Belles Ecuelles + Fontaine des Vents (75 m²)70     60    Yes
Belles Ecuelles + Fontaine des Vents + Abadié (113 m²)110100    Yes
Cultural Space (108 m²)2580    No
Place des Moulins (93 m²)     –50     Yes
Place des Pistoles (64 m²)     –5060 Yes
Little Well (38 m²)      30     3040 Yes
Old Tower (38 m²)      30     3040 Yes
Mill Terrace (100 m²)      –130160 No
Place de Lenche (63 m²)     –     5080 No
Mirabeau (72 m²)      70     6080 Yes
Mery (38 m²)303030 Yes
Marceau (43 m²)404050 Yes
Mirabeau + Mery (110 m²)100100 120      Yes
Mery + Marceau (81 m²)      80     70 Yes
Mirabeau + Mery + Place de Lenche (161 m²)100150     Yes
Mirabeau + Mery + Marceau (155 m²)140     130     Yes
Mirabeau + Mery + Marceau + Place de Lenche (261 m²)–     170240 Yes
French-style gardens (260 m²)     –190240 Yes
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1 Place Daviel, 13002 Marseille, France

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