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Wembley Stadium

2000 max pers.
1176 Rooms
Dancing parties

Wembley Stadium, this being a major venue in the UK, it will make your event feel spectacular.

The vast space and endless choices, it will be perfect for a business meeting, for your company conference all the way top a top class corporate event.

Wembley Stadium

In the heart of london, giving beautiful landmarks and easy access to low cost travel, the perfect place for you.

HallConferenceBoardroomSeated dinner/BanquetCocktailDaylight
Corporate Suites x 160 (61 Sq m) 30N/A2050Yes
The Great Hall (2080 Sq m) 1800N/A10502000Yes
The Wembley Suite (616 Sq m) 300N/A400450Yes
The Three Lions (1409 Sq m) N/AN/A100500Yes
Bobby Moore Room (1922 Sq m) 1000N/A11002000Yes
The Atrium (1400 Sq m) 7009006001000Yes
The Venue/Arc (952 Sq m) 150405001000Yes
The Pitch View Room (313 Sq m) 10040180180Yes
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Wembley Stadium, London

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