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Samaritan travel

600 max pers.

Voyage Samaritaine: a singular place to be consumed in the plural


Located on the top and 5ᵉ floor of the shops, Voyage Samaritaine will take you up to the 5ᵉ sky. This veranda roofed space surrounded by its historic frescoes as well as its Art Nouveau staircases is fascinating. By day or by night, everything is possible according to your wishes.

The chef Mathieu Viannay (La Mère Brazier, 2 stars) offers to compose tailor-made dishes for a gastronomy with the taste of the day and the bar with the lounge space decorated by a wall of bottles makes the cocktail lovers capsize.


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Voyage Samaritaine, Rue de la Monnaie, Paris, France

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