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The Kensington Hotel *****

50 max pers.
144 Rooms
Dancing parties

The Kensington Hotel, this Boujee, renowned hotel does not miss the chance to brag about its Bespoke appearance and world class service

The hotel holds two stunning rooms, equipped and ready to use at a drop of a hat, easily manoeuvrable to accommodate your every need, such as a meeting room all the way to a cocktail corporate party.

The Kensington Hotel

Easy access to most parts of London via the low cost transport. The stunning views and local attractions, when you feel like taking a short break halfway through your stay.

HallConferenceBoardroomSeated dinner/BanquetCocktailDaylight
The White Room (56 Sq m) 40N/A4050Yes
The Study (40 Sq m) 20202024Yes
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The Kensington Hotel, Queen's Gate, London

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