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Terrass” Hotel

90 max pers.
92 Rooms
9 salles
Dancing parties
Rooftops & Outdoor

Terrass” Hotel, unique and spacious

Built in 1911, the Terrass” Hotel has been one of Montmartre’s landmarks for over a century. Close to the Sacré-Coeur, feel the typical and charming atmosphere of one of the most iconic districts of Paris.

Terrass'' Hotel

Completely renovated in 2015, it now offers 92 rooms, a panoramic restaurant, a terrace, a Nuxe Spa and two sports cabins.

A meeting and exchange place for your companies, Terrass’ Hotel offers several meeting rooms bathed in daylight, equipped with the latest technology with a ClickShare connection system and a projection screen.

Room (m²)ConferenceSeated dinnerCocktailDaylight
Room 2 (92 m²) 9045yes
Room 3 (92 m²) 9045yes
Room 2B (56 m²) 5032yes
Room 3B (56 m²) 5032yes
Room 1 (32 m²) 11yes
Room 2A (32 m²) 2015yes
Room 2B (32 m²) 2015yes
Downstairs Restaurant (150 m²) 90
Restaurant Le Terrass (interior) (100 m²) 90
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14 Rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Paris

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