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Sofitel London Gatwick

220 max pers.
518 Rooms

Sofitel London Gatwick, this convenient and modern hotel is perfect for every type of meeting 

The hotel has 10 stylish meeting rooms and boardrooms, this shows that the hotel is specialized in one professional area.

Sofitel London Gatwick -

The hotel has many rooms and facilities, this gives the meetings and boardrooms a little twist of enjoyment too.

HallConferenceBoardroomSeated dinner/BanquetCocktailDaylight
Mockford (16 Sq m) N/A16N/AN/AYes
Reardon (16 Sq m) N/A16N/AN/AYes
Driscoll (22 Sq m) N/A8N/AN/AYes
Warwick (31 Sq m) N/A1615N/AYes
Lacey (37 Sq m) N/A1415N/AYes
Executive Boardroom (47 Sq m) N/A16N/AN/AYes
Jackaman (47 Sq m) N/A1524N/AYes
Marlow (47 Sq m) N/A1624N/AYes
Waters (47 Sq m) N/A1624N/AYes
Marcel (60 Sq m) N/A2230N/AYes
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Hotel Sofitel London Gatwick, Airport, Crawley, Gatwick

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