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Sand Factory

200 max pers.
Dancing parties

Sand Fabrik: the beach at the gates of Paris!


Take advantage of a unique setting just a stone’s throw from the canal de l’Ourcq for experiences as unusual as exotic! This industrial premises has been rehabilitated and offers sports activities on sand, a bar with an “urban beach” atmosphere, a and a restaurant service!

Because the beach is above all a space for relaxation and exchanges, it is equipped with a bar of 250 m2 in order to give you a change of scenery for the time of a game or a drink!!

To host your team building workshops, seminars or even evenings with your feet in the sand, get some height and take advantage of the privatizable room with an unobstructed view of the grounds!

Enjoy 5 modular sports fields:

  • Beach Volley
  • Beach Soccer
  • Beach Rugby
  • Beach Handball
  • Beach Tennis
  • Beachminton
  • Footy Volley
  • Archery Tag


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Sand Fabrik, Rue Delizy, Pantin

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