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RIVE Montparnasse

254 max pers.

RIVE Montparnasse, collaborative space for your business events

Located at the foot of the Montparnasse Tower, in the intercity connections district, come and organise your next company event: seminars, team meetings, workshops…

Rive Montparnasse offers you a new travel-inspired experience in this business district at the crossroads.

A novel business centre that dares to contrast raw materials with soft colours, plants, XXL volumes, cocoon and modular furniture.

Unite your teams in an inspiring space, flooded with natural light thanks to its zenithal well, which encourages exchanges and creativity.

Room      Conference     Seated dinner      Cocktail     Daylight
The Mississippi (220 m²)       80     –      180       Yes
Le Saint Laurent (102 m²)       70     –       120      Yes
The Danube (80 m²)       40      –      70       Yes
The Colombia (78 m²)       50      –      70       No
The Rio Grande (80 m²)       40      –      50       Yes
The Tiber (56 m²)       40      –      50       Yes
The Tagus (52 m²)       25     –      30       Yes
The Nile (48 m²)       40      –      50       Yes
The Mekong (47 m²)      15     –      40       Yes
Lobby – The Bridge (700 m²)     –      –      800       Yes
Auditorium – La Seine (238 m²)       254     –      –       Yes
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Rive Montparnasse, Boulevard de Vaugirard, Paris, France

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