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Rallye Nosmoke

50 max pers.

Nosmoke rally, dynamic and exciting teambuilding


Experience a atypical teambuilding at the wheel of a no-smoke.

Rallye No-Smoke

Set out to discover Paris as a team and take part in a photo safari of the iconic monuments of the city of lights.

With the help of a roadbook, drive the vehicle and discover the landmarks of the 7th and 15th arrondissement of Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, the Invalides or many other secret places charged with history.

This challenge aims to give you a unforgettable time discovering Paris. As a team, be the most astute to reach the meeting points as easily as possible and answer the questions wisely, using a roadbook and a digital camera.

Determination, listening, helping each other, guidance and creativity will be the keys to answering the questions.

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