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Pinot Grigio

200 max pers.
3 salles
Dancing parties

Pinot Grigio, warm and cosy

“Pinot Grigio” is a restaurant that can be modulated into a reception room located in Le Marais, inside the charming Village Saint Paul.

Pinot Grigio

This chalant and cosy establishment is particularly suitable for full privatizations: it can accommodate around fifty of the people in a table mode.

Its magnificent private terrace inside the Village Saint Paul, as well as the variety and abundance of Italian cuisine make it the ideal venue for your events.

Room (m²)ConferenceSeated dinnerCocktailDaylight
Internal room x2 (70 m²) 2050yes
Terrace (100 m²) 5050200yes
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7 Rue Charlemagne, 75004 Paris

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