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Perch Porte de Versailles

250 max pers.
Dancing parties

Perchoir Porte de Versailles: escape to an exceptional setting

Bars and restaurants installed in exceptional settings, the perches place nature at the heart of their project.

This place to live and share is intended to be convivial, festive and natural while offering its guests a moment of escape.


Nestled on the panoramic terrace of the Exhibition Centre pavilion, the escape is guaranteed thanks to the view of the largest rooftop urban farm in Europe.

The décor transports you to a natural setting while remaining in Paris.

The natural materials reflect a savoir-faire artisanal that immerses you in an exceptional venue for your events.


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Le Perchoir Porte de Versailles, Avenue de la Porte de la Plaine, Paris, France

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