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Pavillon Rive Gauche

300 max pers.
3 salles

Pavillon Rive Gauche, the modern cultural centre


Located in close proximity to Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral and Boulevard Saint Germain, Pavillon Rive Gauche is situated in the cradle of old Paris, in the heart of a historic quarter.

Pavillon Rive Gauche

A former cinema that has been renovated, this 420m2 space can be privatised for all types of events.

Its modern and comfortable style is intended to a true cultural center conducive to an artistic and cultural exploitation : exhibition, vernissage, fashion show or showroom; but also to meetings or cocktails.


Room      Conference     Seated dinner      Cocktail     Daylight
Ground Floor Room (150 m2)      90      80       120       yes
Mezzanine Room (80 m2)       20       20       20       no
Main Hall (230 m2)      170        150       190       no
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8-10 Frédéric Sauton 75005, Paris

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