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Novotel Paris Est

700 max pers.
609 Rooms whose 200 twin
18 salles
Dancing parties

The Novotel Paris Est, elegant and comfortable

For a business trip or a family getaway, make yourself comfortable at the Novotel Paris Est.

Ideally located at the ports of Paris, the Novotel Paris Est will allow you to reach the lively districts of République and Bastille. A two-minute walk from the hotel, line 3 will take you directly to Opéra and its great Parisian shops.

Novotel Paris Est

With over 2500 m² of space entirely dedicated to events, 33 fully equipped and daylit rooms, a 600-seat amphitheatre, this venue is the perfect place for your corporate events.

Room      Conference     Seated dinner      Cocktail     Daylight
Amphitéâtre Paris (650 m²)       600     560      700       No
Amphitéâtre Roissy      300      320      400       No
London (270 m²)       230      270      200       Yes
Orly (260 m²)       220      240      300       No
Picadilly (185 m²)      150     120           Yes
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Hôtel Novotel Paris Est, Avenue de la République, Bagnolet, France

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