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Novotel London Excel ****

80 max pers.
257 Rooms

Novotel London Excel, a venue for all your needs, boasting its bold and modern looks.

The venues for hire are capable of holding meetings of any sorts, from your business meetings all the way up to your fun and thrilling corporate parties and events.

Novotel London Excel -

The easy and low cost transport just a mere walk from the entrance of the hotel itself, making it easy to take a break or go for a stroll into most parts of london during your event or stay.

HallConferenceBoardroomSeated dinner/BanquetCocktailDaylight
Brunswick (20 Sq m)1010N/AN/AYes
East India (20 Sq m)1010N/AN/AYes
Millwall (20 Sq m)810N/AN/AYes
St Katherine (20 Sq m)810N/AN/AYes
Tilbury (20 Sq m)810N/AN/AYes
West India (20 Sq m)810N/AN/AYes
Royal Albert (30 Sq m)1812N/AN/AYes
London (35 Sq m)3214N/A14Yes
Royal Victoria (35 Sq m)2414N/A14Yes
Surrey (35 Sq m)3214N/A14Yes
King George V (48 Sq m)4020N/A30Yes
The Boardroom (48 Sq m)4020N/A30Yes
London ii (70 Sq m)8028N/A50Yes
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Novotel London Excel, Western Gateway, London

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