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Mélanie Astles

Melanie Astles, the outstanding competitor


Made history as the first woman to compete in the famous Red Bull Air Race as challenger cup driver. In 2022 she joins the prestigious WCAR (World Championship Air Race) in the premier “Aero GP1” category.

Melanie Astles leaves school at 18 to enter professional life, no one imagines that this young girl will one day fulfil herchildhood dream of becoming a pilot.

Passionate, willing and hardworking, she puts all her heart into pursuing her sporting and aeronautical goals. She loves to share her dreams with the public and inspire us to get on the path to our dreams.

She can be found on social media, atconferences and at air meetings she attends around the world every year.

Her goal? To prove through her story of passion, perseverance and overachievement that anything is possible. An engaging, positive and inspiring message.

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