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Marion Buchet

Marion Buchet: French Army Fighter Pilot


Marion Buchet joined the French Air Force in 2001 and has logged around 2,500 flying hours on Mirage 2000, Mirage F1 and Alphajet aircraft. She is one of the few female fighter pilots in the French Army.

From the beginning of her career, she has been interested in issues relating to the safety of processes and the individual and collective determinants of performance.

With a master’s degree in psychology specialising in stress management, she specialised in the study of cognitive functioning and the human factor and became an expert to the General Staff on the issue of the mental preparation of aircrew.

In her lectures she develops issues relating to decision making, the determinants of individual and collective performance and the management of emotions.

Starting with the softskills that you wish to address in a conference, Marion provides the theoretical basis for understanding the mechanisms at play, illustrates her point with examples from the aeronautics industry and builds bridges with the everyday life of the audience.

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