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The Orangery of Sèvres

600 max pers.
1 salles
Dancing parties

The Orangerie de la Manufacture, an architecture made of glass!

Located on the edge of the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud, set out to meet an event setting with impressive architecture, the glass windows allowing daylight to shine through allow a room bathed in sunlight.

L’Orangerie de la Manufacture

Inspired by Eiffel structures, and made with noble materials that blend with its landscape, the orangery enjoys a panoramic view over the garden of the Cité de la céramique and the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud. This exceptional and unique environment will elevate your events to make them private moments.

Room (m²)ConferenceSeated dinnerCocktailDaylight
The Manufacture Orangery (528 m²) 250250600yes
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L'orangerie de la manufacture, Place de la Manufacture Nationale, Sèvres

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