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Le Village Camarguais

1000 max pers.
310 Rooms whose 310 twin
14 salles
Dancing parties

The Camargue Village: another idea of seminars in the heart of the Camargue


Located at the gates of the Parc Naturel de Camargue just 3 km from Arles, the Camargue Village provides a conference and leisure hotel complex for all your events.

Spread over several villages, located around the lake, the various residences offer 4-star rooms or flats for a total capacity of 330 accommodations and more than 185 rooms and flats.

Le Village Camarguais

The Village Camarguais offers 2500 m² of meeting space, for groups from 20 to 1000 people. including 18 rooms that can accommodate up to 900 people.

After a day of work or seminar, immerse yourself in the universe of your choice: evenings galas, gypsy atmosphere, Brazilian, Pop Rock, Jazz, Spanish Fiesta, and even a total immersion in the world of manads: you only have to choose!!

On the relaxation side, the Camargue village has a large number of leisure facilities including swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness rooms, lake with water games, accro branches course, indoor multi-sports ground, equestrian centre, etc.

Room      Conference     Seated dinner      Cocktail     Daylight
Marie Mauron Hall (1000 m2)        1000       850       1000        no
Manadiers Room (110 m2)        80       –       –        yes
Gardians Room (90 m2)       70       –       –        yes
Camargue Room 1 (60 m2)       40      –           yes
Camargue Room 3 and 4 (30 m2 x2)      20      –           yes
Alyscamps Room (80 m2)      70      –           yes
Baroncelli Room (55 m2)      30      –           yes
Roumanille Room (35 m2)      20      –           yes
Corrales Room (180 m2)      120      150       180       yes
Toril Room (11to m2)        70       110       100       yes
Forum Room 1 (250 m2)      –      200           yes
Forum Room 2 (200 m2)     –      150       –       yes
Bodega Room (180 m2)     –     150      180       yes
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Le Village Camarguais, Chemin de Fourchon, Arles, France

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