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The Fertile City

1250 max pers.
Dancing parties
La Cité Fertile acceuille
La Cité Fertile - La Cité FertileLa Cité Fertile
La Cité FertileLa Cité FertileLa Cité FertileCite FertileLa Cité Fertile

La Cité Fertile offers you its living and working spaces together.

LA CITÉ FERTILE brings together actors who are a priori opposed: Large companies, innovative startups, public actors, citizens… experiment and co-construct a joyful and sustainable future thanks to the facilitating devices of this place.

With its many spaces that can be privatised during the day or evening, the Cité Fertile is the place for professionals engaged in meaningful actions to build the sustainable city.

This place of life dedicated to businesses offers you various services for professionals:

  • Working spaces to be booked by the day or by the week
  • Tours around the sustainable city and its environment

This place of experimentation gives a voice to all the actors who want to make the city a virtuous, unifying, creative and sustainable space.

RoomConference     Seated dinnerCocktail     Daylight
Full privatisation(10000 m²)     500     2502500 Yes
Blue hall(600 m²)      4001800 Yes
Green Hall (500 m²) 400     –1800 No
Meeting rooms(300 m²) #image-50100 Yes
Main Jungle Rooms(105 m²) 45     –60 Yes
The Source (130 m²)80     60     Yes
The Stables (130 m²)10070150 Yes
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Déjà dansAjouter à ma sélection
Déjà dansAjouter à ma sélection
La Cité Fertile, Avenue Edouard Vaillant, Pantin, France

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