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An eldorado of innovation, entertainment and uncluttered spaces

From its conception, I-WAY was imagined as a true event venue for companies.

I-Way offers a rare flexibility for the organisation of any type of event.

The spaces intersect on 2 levels, each arranged in different distinct areas to allow you to vary the atmosphere and entertainment according to the progress of your evenings.
An integrated catering and restaurant service, as well as many corporate animations such as escape games,virtual reality rooms or simulators,

For a classic event in a streamlined space, or an innovative event mixing immersive animations thanks to state-of-the-art technologies.

Room      Conference     Seated dinner      Cocktail     Daylight
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I-WAY Lyon s(t)imulateurs de sensations (Séminaire et Incentive), Rue Jean Marcuit, Lyon, France

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