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Great Gallery of Evolution

400 max pers.
5 salles
Dancing parties

Grande galerie de l’évolution: a magical place steeped in history

The Grande Galerie de l’Évolution offers the opportunity to spend an evening within anelegant architecture, you will be able to discover with your guests the riches of the collections of the National Museum of Natural History.

Grande Galerie de l'Évolution

Today, the magic of the place created by Jules André in the 19th century remains intact: an immense hall and its three balconies lit by a 1,000 m2 glass roof. Witnesses of metallic architecture, cast iron and glass mixed with woodwork are combined with new materials, with the aim of enhancing fully restored collections.

Many rooms are available for booking in order to set up a unique event in a modular space perfect for hosting any type of corporate event.

Amaze your guests in a unique venue that will transport your party to all the countries and oceans of the world.

Room      Conference     Seated dinner      Cocktail     Daylight
Auditorium (196 m2)     120      –           No
Hall Sous les Baleines (200 m2)     –      200       250       Yes
The Balcony Mediatheque Room(298 m2)      –     150      300       Yes
The Balcony Room Nave (285 m2)     –     200      400       Yes
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36 Rue Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire, 75005 Paris

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