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Graffiti Wall

100 max pers.

Graffiti Wall, a fun team activity


Ideal for developing creative and communication skills, this graffiti wall activity provides an introduction to the most common technique in street art: spray painting. Accompanied by an experienced artist, participants will learn the handling of the bombs on a training medium: an entire wall.

The aim is to convey a modern and quirky image, by inviting your employees to work together on a project in line with your company’s values. Blouses, gloves, spray paint cans and good mood will be provided for acomplete immersion in the world of Street Art.

Theparticipants will be transformed into real artists for a moment, creating a work on the wall as a team. This graffiti team building accessible to all, fun and creative will reveal the hidden talents of the participants as well as the pleasure of creating as a team.

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