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Golden Tulip Villa Massalia ****

950 max pers.
140 Rooms
15 salles

Golden Tulip Villa Massalia****, a relaxing place to mix work, relaxation and pleasure

The Golden Tulip La Villa Massalia Spa Hotel**** located in the 8ᵉ arrondissement of Marseille near the Prado beaches offers you a sumptuous view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Golden Tulip Villa Massalia is 140 rooms and suites, arestaurant with terrace, an outdoor swimming pool, a warm and friendly bar lounge, as well as a large conference centre that can accommodate up to 595 participants.

With over 1000 m² of modular space, this hotel allows you to host all your events: seminars, weddings, meetings, conventions, gala evenings, product launches…


Room      Conference     Seated dinner      Cocktail     Daylight
Kaskazi (345 m²)     300     264      250       Yes
Kusi (286 m²)      250      252      220       Yes
Zanzibar (Kaskazi + Kusi) (615 m²)     595      420      950       Yes
Constantinople (73 m²)      50     50      40       Yes
Bukhara (59 m²)     50      48      40       Yes
Srinagar (47 m²)       30      24      20       Yes
Byzantium (44 m²)       35     40      30       Yes
Pamir (37 m²)       25     24      20       Yes
Agra (37 m²)       25     24      20       Yes
Subcommittee room (x 6) (33 m²)      8      –      –       Yes
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Golden Tulip Villa Massalia, Place Louis Bonnefon, Marseille, France

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