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Food Society Paris

650 max pers.
3 salles

Food Society Paris, unusual and unforgettable

Food Society Paris has just raised its flag in the Parisian district Gaité, a stone’s throw from Montparnasse station. From the street food spot to the starred, 15 stalls, soon to be 16 with 2 bars, share this exceptional and unique place open 7 days a week.


Discover by submersion from the street and where street food is king as well as the freshness of a cuisine 100% homemade on the plate, ethical, sustainable and made with short circuit products. A experimental urban space in the style of a food court, staged by Lionel Jadot like an organic labyrinth that rhymes cooking experiences with events.

Enjoy a breakfast, team lunch, afterwork and company party in this unique and warm venue.

Room (m²)ConferenceSeated dinnerCocktailDaylight
Partial privatisation (80 m²) 80yes
Cocktail privatisation (250 m²) 80200yes
Total privatisation (2800 m²) 6502500yes
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68 Av. du Maine, 75014 Paris

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