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Escape game Aventuriers

Escape game Adventurers, don’t go to the escape game anymore… it’s coming to you!


Discovery, creativity and enigmas are the order of the day for this activity which will allow you in 2h to become part of a famous adventurer’s new team. Between action and thinking, manipulation and observation, each participant will bring his or her experience to the benefit of the team to be the fastest and win!”

The aim of this Escape Game is to open the final chest, by solving enigmas and manipulating different objects present in your adventurer’s backpack. From discovery to discovery, participants will be immersed in an adventure that may lead to the victory.

To complete this famous mission, each team will be equipped with a bag. They will have to discover clues and then combine them with each other in order to advance in the game. These will open the cadenas, which protect the various compartments of the bag, and which will have to be blown up one by one as quickly as possible to hope to be declared great winner.

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