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Ritz Escoffier School

40 max pers.

Ritz Escoffier School: a unique and luxurious school for an exceptional event

Located in the 1st arrondissement, Place Vendôme, the Ritz Escoffier School offers cooking classes with the aim of training the chefs of tomorrow, on the basics of Haute Gastronomy, and teaching them the technical skills necessary to achieve perfection.

École Ritz Escoffier

The chefs at your side will introduce you to the subtleties and flavours of the ingredients of French cooking. With its three newly renovated kitchens, accommodating up to 40 people, the Ritz Escoffier School welcomes you for gourmet events. Its workshops can last from 3 hours to a full day for quality courses.

The school offers a large choice of culinary workshops to best suit your desires:

  • Fish & Shellfish – 4H
  • Chef’s Techniques: Juices & Sauces – 4H
  • Mains & Desserts – 3H
  • The Taste of the Ritz – 3H
  • A Thanksgiving in Paris! – 4H
  • Meat & Poultry – 4H
  • Fish & Crustaceans – 1 day

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École Ritz Escoffier, Place Vendôme, Paris

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