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Domaine de Saint Paul

270 max pers.
89 Rooms
10 salles
Dancing parties
Rooftops & Outdoor

Domaine de Saint Paul : seminar centre near Paris

Located in the Yvelines, in Saint-Rémy-les-Chevreuse, 35km from Paris, the Domaine de Saint Paul welcomes you to their 70 hectare estate, and its 25,000 m2 of real estate.

Domaine de St Paul

With its 30 meeting rooms, its auditoriums, its large meeting room, and its 89 rooms, the estate welcomes you for your seminars. Lounges, restaurants, terrace and rooms offer you a warm welcome.


Room      Conference     Seated dinner      Cocktail     Daylight
Room C3 (85 m2)    70     –           No
Room C5 (85 m2)     70     –           No
Room C6 (85 m2)     70     –           No
Room C7 (220 m2)     170     –           No
Room C8 (30 m2)     15     –           No
Room C9 (30 m2)     15     –           No
Room C10 (54 m2)     15     –           No
Room C1 + C2 (90 m2)     90      –           No
La Rotonde (195 m2)    120     200      150       No
Le Saint-Paul (115 m2)    120     –      200       No
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102 Rte de Limours Bâtiment A3, 78470 Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse

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