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Comedy Club

200 max pers.
Dancing parties

“The Comedy Club”: the Parisian stand-up scene.

Located on the Grands Boulevards, the Comedy Club has become, thanks to Jamel Debbouze, an unavoidable Parisian stand-up scene. The Comedy Club seduces with its authentic charm and its room with a unique character.

The privatisation of the room is perfect for your corporate events such as seminars, award ceremonies or others. Use the stage as you please: you can host a live music band, a presentation or even a personalised stand-up show from one of the Comedy Club’s artists.

The device of this venue offers total personalisation according to your desires: have your company, event or other name inscribed like the biggest names in French stand-up.


Room      Conference     Seated dinner      Cocktail     Daylight
Comedy Club (250 m2)      160      70      200       no
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The Comedy Club, Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, Paris, France

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