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Maintenon Castle

250 max pers.
77 Rooms whose 63 twin
10 salles

Castel Maintenon, luxurious and friendly

With an ideal location only 1 hour west of Paris (55 minutes from Gare Montparnasse and 5 minutes by car from Maintenon station), Castel Maintenon is your newgreen destination, for the organisation of your conferences, general meetings, product launches, management committee, training sessions, etc.

Castel Maintenon

This hotel, withexceptional surroundings and discreet luxury, will welcome your staff in a friendly and warm atmosphere, just a stone’s throw from the Château de Maintenon and its French-style gardens.

His restaurant “Le café Vauban”and its large terrace for your lunches, barbecues and coffee breaks offers a warm setting and succulent meals. The “Bar le 19” is also ideal for your aperitifs and after dinner.


RoomConference     Seated dinnerCocktail     Daylight
Les Marquises (S1+S2+S3) (217 m2) 200      200250  yes
Maintenance Room 1 (76 m2)707080yes
Montespan Salon 2 (51 m2) 606070  yes
Sitting Room 3 (90 m2) 8080100yes
Maintenon + Montespan Salons 1+2 (127 m2) 130      130150  yes
Montespan + Sevigne Salons 2+3 (141 m2) 130130175yes
Castel 1 (29 m2)       202025  yes
Castel 2 (32 m2)      202025  yes
Castel 3 (30 m2)      202025  yes
Castel 4 (30 m2)      202025  yes
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Déjà dansAjouter à ma sélection
1 Rue de la Ferté, 28130 Maintenon

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