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Buddha-Bar Paris Restaurant

450 max pers.
6 salles

Buddha-Bar Paris Restaurant, atypical and warm


Slocated in the heart of Paris, between the Place de la Concorde and le Faubourg St Honoré, in the 8th arrondissement, it is easy to reach thanks to lines 1, 8 and 12.

Buddha-Bar Paris Restaurant

The Buddha-Bar is an atypical restaurant with its fabulous setting, pan-Asian influenced Pacific Rim sharing cuisine, creative cocktails, and unique lounge music atmosphere.

The warmly coloured rooms, withthe hushed and enchanting atmosphere, make it the ideal place for your seminars, evenings between collaborators, both during the day and evening.

A musical atmosphere is omnipresent with every evening the resident DJs who are inspired by world music to create ever more innovative mixes.

Room      Conference     Seated dinner      Cocktail     Daylight
Restaurant Room (Atrium and Red Room and Lotus Lounge) (275 m2)      –       270       300       no
Atrium Room (160 m2)       180       170       200       no
Red Room (65 m2)        –       70       –       no
Lotus Lounge (50 m2)      50       50       50       no
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